Premium Partners is a leading global marketing & indirect spend solution provider offering a range of tools to facilitate the procurement of indirect material. Established in Hong Kong in 1998, we partner with Fortune 500 companies across different continents, offering them a global footprint and a local service through branches, partnerships and affiliates. In addition to our European know how , our presence and long term experience in challenging markets has made us a reliable authority with many multinationals seeking a local compliant solution. Premium Partners offers full back-end support with innovative reporting tools, automatic ordering and direct invoicing systems.

About Us

We are leading marketing and indirect spend solution providers offering a range of tools to facilitate worldwide consolidation and optimization for the procurement of indirect material while ensuring visibility throughout the supply chain.
To become the partner of choice on indirect marketing spend through global strategic sourcing and efficient supply chain management in a transparent and compliant manner.
Process driven to source and deliver complex projects through a CSR compliant network of global vendors in an efficient, tech driven and timely manner.


Some Facts About Us


Years in business


Approved suppliers


Served countries


Orders confirmed

✓ 13 globally distributed offices

✓ Steady 14% annual sales growth

✓ Present in Asia,Europe ,Middle East and Africa

✓ Happily servicing 68 global clients

✓ Boasting a diversified workforce of 16 different nationalities


Our Team


Our Approach

We are flexible and responsive organization.
Process driven to source and deliver complex projects through a CSR compliant network of global vendors in an efficient, tech driven and timely manner.
We love what we do, we know our clients' businesses and we go the extra mile to cater for their needs.

Global sourcing & buying

Our global sourcing team works closely with you to source and locate new suppliers.

Secure value chain

Our secure supply chain covers social compliance, global product compliance, quality compliance and sustainability.

Creativity & Innovation

Our expert team is passionate about producing creative and industry-leading products.

Logistics & Distribution

Our reliable logistics partners allow us to deliver promptly with a professional and punctual follow up.

Web Based Tool

We offer full back-end support with innovative reporting tools, automatic ordering, direct invoicing systems, e-commerce solutions and online catalogs.

Value Proposition

We focus on tomorrow’s challenges and leverage insight and knowledge to deliver process optimization, product innovation & competitive advantage.


Our Services

A-Z hassle free process starting with strategic sourcing, design, prototyping, production set up, financing, production, fulfillment, quality control, logistics and ending with final delivery to ensure client's global strategic objectives are met.


We offer our clients personalized e-commerce solutions that facilitate the delivery of tailor-made products to their customers, dealers, re-sellers, consumers and their own departments. .


Through different open book models, we have managed to develop solutions for our clients across the category of non-recurring, ad-hoc requisitions.


We assist in: manufacturer selection, manufacturer compliance, sourcing with commercial negotiations, operational buying and logistics. We optimize world-wide buying consolidation
and report savings periodically.


Online Solutions


Premium Partners offers full back-end support with innovative reporting tools, automatic ordering and direct invoicing systems. We developed many web shops for our clients and each is customized to our customers brand and requirements. The web shops are designed with a user-friendly navigation and have lots of product ideas for our clients at different budgets and for different target markets.

Passion leads to design, design leads to performance, performance leads to success!



The demand for sustainable practices is increasing due to the awareness of one’s individual impact on the environment and community. Premium Partners is committed to achieve its sustainable goals to positively impact the environment, social, and economic part within its supply chain.

We work as guided by the Plan of United Nations Global Compact for achieving a better future, we are committed to the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact that will apply throughout our value chain to ensure these principles are respected.

For more information, please check the below files: 

PP Sustainable Procurement policy

Suppliers code of conduct

Code of Business Standards and Ethics

We are committed to setting objectives and action plans in support of these principles and pursuing continuous improvement of our practices. This will allow us to prioritize suppliers who have embedded sustainable and ethical practices within their organization and who drive such practices within their own supply chain.

We are part of this world and its society and to ensure we have positive impact, we will ensure compliance within our operations and throughout our supply chain. Particularly, compliance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, and the United Nations Convention Against Corruption.


Our Products

Marketing Materials

Broad experience in developing promotional products, garments and POS materials.Extensive range of products: either available for immediate delivery or tailor-made with your logo.








Indirect Products

Facilitator for all of your high volume, low monetary value transactions. Broad range expertise of categories & comprehensive technical know-how. Help you achieve best value on your tail spend.






Print Management

Our account management teams are experts on all types of production across different formats and processes and we manage our global supply chain from concept to delivery.








Our Clients

Here are some of our clients:



  • “I had the opportunity of working with Premium Partners during my stint at Bharti Airtel International BV (Airtel Africa). we engaged Premium Partners at the Group Level to help with the production of the required sports apparels/merchandises across all the participating 15 countries in Africa. Premium Partners undertook this task seamlessly and helped in ensuring standardization of the tournament in terms of ‘look and feel’ across Africa.”

    Brand & Marketing Communications at Airtel Nigeria
  • “I have collaborated with Premium Partners for the past 4 years they have been instrumental in supporting us, Nestle China Sourcing Team, to set-up a door to door service for a large number of Nestle operations located across the globe.While the company’s strength is in premiums and point of sales items, on certain occasions they been supporting us as well, on spare parts and other materials. It has been, and remain a pleasure to work with the same purpose: our respective business’ success!.”

    Head of China Sourcing Team / Best Cost Origin Sourcing, Nestle
  • “We are pleased to work with Premium Partners for our global business. With their expertise and experience, they can fully understand what our company is expecting in supply chain. They can help us to make life easier by identifying social-compliant factories with competitive offers, designing to meet business needs, controlling the quality and delivery. On top of that, Premium Partners really offer some value added services for our business convenience”

  • “Premium-Partners is one of the best companies that we have ever dealt with. Its practice has always been to assure permanent attention to its clients, quality and promptitude. Premium-Partners team is an ambitious team, enthusiast, with great experience and knowledge.”

    Nestle Romania Team

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